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How do the panels capture energy?

When the sun hits the solar array, the PV cells in the panels absorb the sunlight. This energy then gets converted into electricity. The power produced by the panels then flows into the existing utility transmission system and is distributed to power homes, businesses, and more.

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Are solar facilities safe?

Solar facilities are clean, safe, and quiet. All Balanced Rock Power developments will be respectful of the environmental and cultural sensitivities of each area.

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How will a solar project on my land benefit me and my community?

As a long term solar developer, Balanced Rock Power will enter into a lease with you for the use of your land — so you will receive a revenue stream or rent for decades to come, while maintaining ownership of the land for future use and future generations.

Your local county, school, hospital district and other agencies will benefit from property tax revenues generated by the increased value of the site — helping support the financial future and vibrancy of the community.

Local businesses will also benefit from increased activity during construction and operation.

Your community will literally be part of powering America’s future energy needs.

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How do I know solar will work on my land?

By the time we talk to you, we will have done our homework in order to understand the potential of solar power development on your land. Our conversation is then transparent about your land’s suitability (topography, access to power lines, and aspect). We will undertake surveys and analysis and always share the relevant outcome of those with you, so we are all on the same page.

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Can I still use my land once the project has been built?

While the primary “crop” will be solar on the agreed-to land parcel, and each project is different, there is a growing set of opportunities to use the land under and around the solar panels for continued agricultural use. From sheep grazing and pollinator friendly native plantings to the potential for the cultivation of suitable crops that could benefit from the microclimate created around the panels themselves, our development process will include assessment of those opportunities in collaboration with you.

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Can I still use my land while it’s being developed?

Yes, during the development phase of a project, you’ll be able to use your land as normal. The development phase does involve land surveys and various studies to be conducted on the property but this shouldn’t interfere with any day-to-day activities on your land.

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If Balanced Rock is just the developer, how can I trust the company who will build and operate the project?

Our development process and approach is about laying the right foundations for the future and developing relationships with partners that will endure. The commitments and agreements we make will be part of any future operation. So, while we may work with others, it will always be shaped by the long-term view and approach we take.

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